Update #7 - RuneLite, Client Launcher, Bug Fixes


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Jul 14, 2019
Hey everyone,

I am so happy to announce that this update finally introduces the RuneLite client to Runite!
  • Our client now emulates an exact replica of RuneLite's from awhile ago (of course with some modifications to enable support for our game server).
    • This means nearly every RuneLite plugin that you know and love will work here as well.
    • With that, there are of course a few plugins that are not available given the content we have on Runite, or are just not feasible in general. If there are any major plugins that you feel are missing, I can do my best to fix them or port them over from a later version of RuneLite's client.
    • Check out some of the pictures below, but you will definitely need to login for yourself to experience all that this has to offer!
  • We also saw this new client change as an opportunity to introduce our launcher, which will mean that this will be Runite's last client download!
    • NOTE: You may need to update your java version to at least 8 in order to use the new launcher AND client, so make sure to do that.
    • Click here to download Runite's new launcher and play on the new RuneLite client!


  • Completely reworked the Rogue's Castle Chest thieving table. In the past, this was implemented valuing emulation over actual usefulness, and hence why the table features the same useless items as OSRS's. We felt that the risk of thieving in deep wilderness (as well as the high thieving requirement) was going unrewarded. Our new table looks something like this:
    • Very common:
      • 12,500 - 25,000 coins
    • Common/Uncommon:
      • 30 Death runes
      • 30 Fire runes
      • 25 Mind runes
      • 40 Chaos runes
      • 6 Sapphires
      • 5 Emeralds
      • 1 - 3 Diamons
      • 10 Sharks
      • 10 Iron Ore
      • 13 Coal
    • Rare:
      • 25,000 - 36,000 coins
      • 20 Dark crabs
      • 2 Uncut dragonstones
      • 3 Super combat potions
      • 3 Runite bars
      • Uncut dragonstone
      • Dragon dagger (p++)
      • 30 Dragon javelins
      • 25 - 50 Wrath runes
      • 20 Torstol
    • Very Rare:
      • 45 Dark crabs
      • 8 Uncut dragonstone
      • Uncut onyx
  • Added Helm of Neitzinot in Sigmund the Merchant's iron man shop

This update was heavily focused on the RuneLite Client and our new launcher, but I also got around to some high-priority bug fixes:
  • Fixed two bugs that contributed to players creating "nulled" Grand Exchange offers.
  • Created a mechanism to automatically check and filter out "nulled" Grand Exchange offers on login, which should fix all of the affected accounts.
  • Rewrote portions of Pest Control that may have caused some of the rare bugs to occur (such as games not ending, portals not being attackable).
  • The Magic stone item in the Sawmill Operator's shop has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused doors and levers to be unusable for a short period of time.
  • The doors at home are no longer openable/closeable, which will fix any of the visual issues encountered.
  • Potentially fixed a bug that caused Abyssal Sire to be completely undoable (even on task).
  • Fixed a bug that would potentially cause Abyssal Demons to bug out if no available teleport tiles were found.
  • Added the Wilderness lever back to the home area and fixed the corresponding dig clue scroll.
  • Fixed a few incorrect teleport/respawn coordinates that resulted from the recent home map change.

Thanks everyone!


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Jul 28, 2019
Amazing update! Loving the Runelite client


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Jul 27, 2019
Well done, Andys1814! Such dedication grants success to the server!


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Aug 4, 2019
Nice news!
But for me personally the new client is not launching. I have Java 8 and Java SE. :/