Runite Weekend Events. [30-08-2019 - 1-09-2019]


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Jul 18, 2019
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All events will be at 1 PM EST
Click for Countdowns: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday Events:

Discord Scavenger Hunt - I will post pictures of my inventory with interesting items and the first person to trade me and show me a copy of my inventory wins!

First Place: Choice of any Godsword Winner: Devil
Second Place: Choice of Saradomin or Zamorak Godsword Winner: Koslas
Third Place: 5M Winner: Nifty

Double PC points for 8 hours immediately following announcement of the Discord Scavenger Hunt.

Bonus XP activated

Saturday Events:

Hide and Seek x5 - Rewards: 100 Runite Credits, Rare Drop Scroll x5, Berserker Ring, Archer Ring, and Saradomin Sword

Discord Music Challenge - Participants will join the Music Channel in Discord - songs from Runescape will be played, and the first to type the song wins.
Rewards: Pet Drop Scroll x3, GS Ornament kit of choice, Royal Seed Pod, 10M Cash, and an Armadyl Chainskirt.

Sunday Events:

Duo Pking Tournament - Players must submit their teams to me in Discord. 2 players per team. I will set a bracket up containing all teams.
Information I need: Two account names + Team name

First Place Prize: Choice of Cerberus Boots x2
Second Place Prize: 15M x2
Third Place Prize
: 5M x2

Participants must be online 15 minutes prior to event start (Click above for timer on Sunday). Players who interfere with the tournament will be temporarily jailed. This is not punitive - it is to simply allow the event to properly flow.

Event is DANGEROUS - You will be in 20+ wilderness. Bring what you're willing to risk.

Bonus XP deactivated <- Click for timer

Thank you all for taking the time to read! I hope to see you all at the events.

- Zac
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